However, designing an apartment is not quite like a usual house or villas. So that there are many owners have the problem designing their apartment follow Feng Shui. In this article, we will suggest some solutions which might help you out of this situation and avoiding unexpected bad thing can happen for your apartment. 
Direction of the apartment
Direction of the apartment should be straight ahead with main door of its residence, other entrances are not important. The apartment long side heads to the south or near south will be able to receive more wind and stable sunlight. Short side turns into bad direction can avoid some effects from western sunlight and hot wind as well.
Especially with an apartment, sometimes the owner must accept the fact that their home direction in an unavoidable situation. However there is a solution for this. For example, with a bad direction such as the west, which makes your apartment expose directly to the sunlight and getting really hot in the summer. We come up with a green hall of tree or cover rooftop.
Living room
One thing in common of most apartment is when you standing at the main door, you usually see the living room and kitchen at the same time. This is strictly forbidden in Feng Shui because it can bring bad luck for the owner, in term of finance and health. In order to resolve this problem, we can use partly wall to separate kitchen, living room and main door. This can also serves as a decoration for the house. 

On the other hand, using some animal sculpture, paintings is a way to attract luck into your apartment. 

At least one of two bedroom of the apartment has the close bathroom for each of it. In addition, because of limited space, bed and bathroom is put next to each other might not be a good idea and causing some bad effects for your health.

To reduce this bad effect, you can put some ancient coins in front of your bathroom. These ancient coins is the symbol of money and resources. It not only bring you luck in finance but also reduce bad luck might happen to your family. 

Beside, another mistake in designing bedroom is that it’s not square shape leading to the result that mirrors are used for make some illusion space. You can put some shelves or some trees as well, they will create a balance point. 

As well as living room, the first disadvantage in any apartment is their guest can look directly at the kitchen. In Feng Shui this is not a good thing because the air from main door can head toward to kitchen. 
However it is not easy to move your kitchen because it depends on the water system and the whole structure of the building. Therefore, some party wall will solve this problem as we discussed above. 

These solution for your Feng Shui apartment are not too difficult to apply, aren’t they? Avoiding these bad luck will not only enhance the convenience of your apartment but also create an actually cozy home for your family to enjoy a quality life.
Viet Cuong - source: LLGroup 

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