Office meeting room is not only the place where people are working and discuss the important daily business activities but also the symbol of the company, which playing a key role of making the first impression with company’s partners and customers. A beautiful and sufficient office meeting room have to ensure the elegant design while fulfill the basic function of an office. Meeting room interior is designed aim to maximize the open space and the convenient for the most effective working process. 

Office meeting room interior design have to combine these two factors: beauty and efficiency
A well-designed meeting room with superior interior and having the efficiency for working is the energy resources for employees to be more productive and being able to work more effectively. 
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Meeting room is different from the store or residence in design and its specific function for each kind of business, depend on the company characteristics, number of employee as well as the location where it built. These factor will affect the office design in order to meet the requirement of color, theme and decoration and different kind of interiors. DD Corporation is specialize in consulting and designing the most beautiful – modern and convenient office for your company. 
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Here are some reference images for GreenViet's meeting room designed by DD Corporation:
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Meeting room with the capacity up to 10 people
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Modern, elegant interior design
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Large window for more comfortable

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